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What is Padeliporfin VTP

Padeliporfin Vascular Targeted Photodynamic (VTP) therapy is a novel Oncology technology platform that comprises the intravenous delivery of an inactive drug, Padeliporfin, which is then precisely activated only in the tumor micro-environment by non-thermal laser light delivered via optical fiber(s). This results in the immediate occlusion of the tumor blood supply followed by self-propagating immunogenic cell death and immune activation with minimal effect on surrounding healthy tissues.


In pre-clinical studies, necrotic cell death has been demonstrated to activate an Immune response. The Padeliporfin VTP development program is exploring the potential to harness this immune response alone and in combination with various drugs including Anti-PDL1 and checkpoint inhibitors with the potential to regress remote tumors.


Padeliporfin VTP has the potential to address diseases where there is a high unmet medical need, especially where treatments are associated with significant morbidity that makes many patients ineligible for treatment. Strong safety and efficacy data previously obtained in localized prostate cancer studies demonstrates Padeliporfin VTP as a well-tolerated, convenient and efficacious treatment with the potential to become a mainstay cancer treatment approach for solid tumors at the localized and metastatic stage.

Tumor Ablation: Mode of Action of Padeliporfin VTP therapy.

Padeliporfin VTP allows for surgery-like efficacy where, until now, surgery can be overly debilitating or not practical. The technology consists of a minimally-invasive treatment which combines a photosensitive drug (Padeliporfin) activated by a non-thermal light delivery system. Utilizing a low-energy laser light channeled through optical fiber(s), this treatment provides a new approach to localized tumors, with the potential to treat various locations in the body.

This therapeutic approach enables targeted ablation of solid tumors locally and minimizes the risk of side effects by preserving the surrounding healthy tissues and organs, thereby enabling treatment of sometimes inoperable tumors which in turn optimizes the quality of life of patients.

After confirming the safety and efficacy of the EMA approved treatment with Padeliporfin VTP in prostate cancer, our partnership with the Weizmann Institute of Science and the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center now allows us to focus on the development program of Padeliporfin VTP in areas of high unmet medical need.

Immune activation following Padeliporfin VTP

“In addition to ablation, Padeliporfin VTP therapy has been shown to trigger Immune Activation in animal models. The development program plans to study this aspect in various solid tumor types in combination with immunotherapeutic and chemotherapeutic agent (see mode of action below)"